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Hi! I’m Chelsea, the Owner and Freelance Designer behind Rompadomp! I’m so glad you stopped by :)

Rompadomp Design is a design company/blog about paper goods, jewelry, and happy living. It is the culmination of many years of hard work and love of design, and it represents the fun and joy that I try to spread with my creative work.

Much of my inspiration is gleaned from the natural elements of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the local, handmade aesthetic of small-town Southwest Virginia. Each of my pieces is unique and is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. I am particularly drawn to the simplicity of light playing off of natural surfaces, creating a glowing, shimmering effect reminiscent of our autumn’s abundant palette or the Roanoke River’s particular glisten.

Although my Etsy store focuses primarily on jewelry and greeting cards, Rompadomp is a multi-faceted project that also includes prints, branding, and other design projects. I love working with people on custom designs! If you’re interested in one, please visit my contact page or send me an email at rompadompdesign(at)gmail(dot)com and we can work together on coming up with the perfect piece for you!

Chelsea, Owner/Freelance Designer

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Organizations I’ve Designed For:

  • Bethesda Presbyterian Church (Rockbridge Baths, VA)
  • College Fashion (Boston, MA)
  • Coolidge Elementary School PTA Board (San Gabriel, CA)
  • East Valley Institute of Technology Fashion, Interiors, and Textiles (Mesa, AZ)
  • Glenvar High School Baseball (Salem, VA)
  • Jared Ladia Photography (Roanoke, VA)
  • Lane Memorial United Methodist Church (Altavista, VA)
  • Latter Day Saints Young Women’s Group (Orem, UT)
  • Letters of Grace: Calligraphy by Taylor (Salem, VA)
  • Marginal Arts Festival (Roanoke, VA)
  • McElwee Chapel (Rockbridge Baths, VA)
  • Nourish Skin Care & Waxing Studio (Lexington, VA)
  • Miss Mona’s School of Dance and Performing Arts (Salem, VA)
  • Roanoke Academy Gymnastics (Roanoke, VA)
  • Salem City Schools (Salem, VA)
  • Southwest Virginia Ballet (Roanoke, VA)
  • Taubman Museum of Art (Roanoke, VA)
  • Tom Teasley Music, LLC (Alexandria, VA)
  • UCLA Women’s Tennis (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church (Glen Allen, VA)
  • Virginia Western Art Gallery (Roanoke, VA)
  • Wright’s Chapel United Methodist Church (Ruther Glen, VA)
  • XYZ Gallery (Blacksburg, VA)


***Please note that all posts prior to October 30, 2013 were previously published under my old blog name, Aphrodite Perception, and might reference the blog, posts, etc. as such.***